Trusts vs. Wills

person writing a will at a table

Everyone has heard the terms "Will" and "Trust," but not everyone knows the differences between the two. Both are useful estate planning devices that serve different purposes, and both can work together to create a complete estate plan.

What are the primary differences between wills and trusts in Oklahoma?

  • How Probate is Handled: a will is in essence instructions to a Probate Court, while one of a trust’s primary purposes is to avoid probate entirely. 
  • When it Goes Into Effect: a will goes into effect only after you die, while a trust takes effect as soon as you create it. 

Get Qualified Estate Planning Help from the Experts in Tulsa

When you call Leslie & Associates for all of your estate planning needs, our Tulsa wills & trust attorneys can discuss the other unique features of the two instruments and determine together whether a trust suits your specific needs. Call our office today and check out what our past clients have had to say about working with our firm.

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